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About Pinboard Theme for WordPress

As of this post, this site sports a customized child theme of Pinboard for WordPress, a responsive masonry grid design by One Designs. I’ve used Pinboard in the past as a parent theme for a WordPress version of my Legacy design, which I created using HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX back when they were still new kids on the block.

On Domain Registration

Domain names are tracked and controlled by InterNIC, the Internet’s Network Information Center and ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and …
A website is a living, breathing, entity and subject to constant change. This site, my legacy website, is currently undergoing renovations. Though …

Chrome OS

I started using Chrome browser when it first rolled out in 2008, mainly because it was faster and lighter than Firefox or Opera, and I tend to go for minimalism. In retrospect, Chrome has become the browser I use exclusively and recently I thought about why that is so.

The Death of FrontPage

I just received a notice from my web host that the new release of cPanel will not include support for Microsoft FrontPage. I used the Microsoft Office development tool several years ago, as it was a step up from the WYSIWYG web-builder offered by GeoCities during my introduction into creating websites, however, I eventually abandoned FrontPage in lieu of native HTML coding roughly 6 years ago.