College Avenue Church – Prototype

I have frequented my father’s church on a fairly regular basis over the last few years. As I was exiting the sanctuary after the service one Sunday morning in the fall of 2010, the Pastor’s wife who was the office administrator pulled me aside and spoke to me about putting together a new website.

Using self-hosted WordPress, I created a child theme of Clear Retina. Using images from the already existing site, I created a more modern, responsive site, modeled after a popular church on the north side of town that has a large, youth oriented congregation.

Using special plugins, I was able to create sermon podcasts with feeds and interact with the church Google calendar. Posts were treated as news updates.

The Pastor moved on within the next year, and the church is now on its second replacement. The new Pastor is female and young and has transferred their site to Weebly.

Pastor Lisa has replaced Weebly with WordPress. Here’s what they currently have:

I still intend to win the project.