A Summer for the Record Books?

Here it is the first of Fall and temperatures are in the 90s. These temperatures will persist until Wednesday or Thursday when a cold front will come through, pushing Maria away from the eastern coast.

Though it was not a particularly hot summer early on, it has proven to be one for the record books as temps have remained above average for the last 2 weeks. Much of this phenomenon is due to the series of devastating hurricanes streaming northwest from Africa, including Harvey, which laid Houston to waste, Irma, which tore down Puerto Rico, and Marie which tore down any attempt to restore Puerto Rico.

Could these indicate the effects of global warming? The rumor early last week was that President Trump was repealing his decision to withdrawal from the Paris climate summit – perhaps a strong gust blew off his toupee? However, it has been posted in the news over the last couple of days that his decision to withdrawal stands. Must have been some more of that “fake news”.

And let’s not forget the solar eclipse back in August!

All in all, I’m appreciating this, as I’m naturally a warm weather person. Although, I am kinda looking forward to cooler weather. I know it will be here sooner than later!

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