Welcome to my new and improved legacy site! Since the previous one apparently got hacked into and corrupted all to hell, I went ahead and started over from absolute scratch, which wasn’t a big deal since the last one was fairly new itself and had very little content.

The purpose of this version is simply for day to day blogging and is not specific to any topic.

As I’m planning on using this as a daily journal, it should be interesting to see which direction it takes in the coming months and to see how the subject matter unfolds.

As I’ve often said over the last few years, a website is a living, breathing, ever-changing entity. It’s never really done, which in my book, is the beauty of maintaining the thing. It keeps you thinking, documenting, engaging, and interacting. It’s beneficial to be able to go back and read previous posts in order to rekindle old thoughts, situations, and feelings. So, in essence, I find that keeping a weblog is very therapeutic and worthwhile.

Adios for now!

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