Starting with the week following Memorial Day, usually associated with the beginning of summer, I took a weeklong trip down to Texas to visit some friends of many years.

Not long after settling back in at home following the Texas trip, I spent about 10 days “a lost weekend plus another week attached” at a local buddy’s place across town. That covered the 4th of July holiday, usually designating the middle of summer.

Then in August, I ventured down to beautiful Madison, Indiana, to spend a couple of weeks at my Uncle Bill’s.

Upon arriving back in the “Magic City” once again, I spent another “lost weekend” (this one only a week) at my buddy’s place across town.

Which brings up the Labor Day holiday, marking the official end of Summer, which I spent at the “Flags of Honor” closing ceremonies at Minnetrista where I met up with Dad and Stepfather.

Looking back on the quick, yet eventful summer, it is definitely one to be remembered, especially compared to the previous few!

Image credits: nycscout (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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